The LeanDesk is the project with which I graduated. The concept of this design is to give you the feeling that it is impossible that the desk remains standing. That’s why I went for a desk with only two legs where the wall is needed for balance.

In the design I strived for subtle elegance. So I looked to Scandinavian minimalism for inspiration. With the shape of the legs I tried to connect the wall with the desk in a way that it looks whole. The undersides of the top and bookshelf have an organic shape with clean lines that separate the sides with the front and back. Because of the minimalistic design, the LeanDesk gives a very open and spacious feeling.

I used European oak as material. The top and bookshelf are solid wood and the legs are laminated with thirteen layers of three millimeters thick slabs of oak. The finish used is Skylt ultra mat lacquer. The legs are attached with bolts which makes the LeanDesk demountable.

Photos: Marjon Hoogervorst/HMC